Forced to leave Afghanistan to seek a living.


After the Taliban takeover, it became impossible to find a job. Thus, I decided to leave Afghanistan.

Jawad (not his real name) worked for the media production team of a business start-up in Kabul as a videographer and editor, just making the ends meet for himself and his family. He worked hard in order to provide his family with a life he never had lived.

On 15th August (the day the Taliban entered Kabul), Jawad was at the Ministry of Finance to fix an issue with his tax number due to which his bank account had frozen. Whoever he encountered at the ministry was panicking and telling him they could not help as the government had collapsed. Jawad was in shock too and could not grasp what was happening. He saw Afghan military members removing their military uniforms in panic.

After the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan, Jawad could only work for a few days and then his workplace closed down. He said:

“We continued working for like ten days, and I was hoping it would continue, but then they suspended our contracts. I was unemployed and looked for jobs everywhere but failed to find any. I even searched for low wage jobs like cleaning or washing, but I could not do that, either. After the Taliban takeover, it became impossible to find a job. Thus, I decided to leave Afghanistan.”

For Jawad, life was at a standstill in Afghanistan; he made it two times to Iran but was deported to Afghanistan by the Iranian border force. He knew that he was taking a huge risk but seeing his family in a dire situation motivated him to try for the third time. Jawad is currently in the Turkish city of Erzurum after being taken hostage and beaten by Baloch & Kurdish smugglers. “We saw an Afghan boy who did not have money, and one of the Baloch smugglers shot him with an AK47 in front of our eyes… Once you are in the hands of smugglers, it is a one-way road; either you die or do what they tell you.” Jawad described.

Jawad spent around $2,000 to get to Turkey. He hopes to find a job and start earning to support his family back in Kabul, who are paying the rents, and he does not want to see them become homeless.

Interview by Afghan Witness