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ISKP repeat tactics with renewed targeting of Taliban bus in Herat

AW investigators geolocated a video shared via ISIS telegram channels, to the Joye Inji area of Police District 15.


28 Oct 2022

On October 27, 2022, a bus carrying members of the Taliban's al-Farooq Corps was attacked on the eastern side of Herat city. The attack was later claimed by ISKP, who released footage of the incident, similar to a previous ISKP attack in Herat on July 4. According to local reports, four people were killed and a further 18 people injured. However, AW investigators were unable to independently verify these claims. The attack indicates ISKP continues to be able to operate in Herat, despite a raid in the city at the start of September on [WARNING: GRAPHIC] alleged ISKP targets.


AW investigators geolocated a [WARNING: GRAPHIC] video, shared via ISIS telegram channels, to the Joye Inji area of Police District 15 on the eastern side of Herat city [34.349941, 62.242034]. In the footage, one gunman is seen shooting at the bus carrying Taliban members, and one person is seen escaping the bus before an ISKP member throws a grenade inside. Below is a figure with the geolocation of the attack in Herat on October 27, 2022.

ISKP’s statement, shared via their Telegram channels, indicated the group used a ‘Inghamisi’ [martyrdom seeker] to attack the Taliban-operated bus: “With the success of God Almighty, an Inghamisi of the soldiers of the Caliphate attacked a transport bus that was loaded with elements of the apostate Taliban militia, in (District 15) in the (Herat) region, with automatic weapons and grenades, killing and wounding at least 10 militants. Thanks to God''. However, no evidence could be found to suggest the attacker was killed or killed himself using a suicide vest during the attack.

Further online claims suggested a second attack occurred on October 27, targeting a Taliban outpost in the Fargh area of ​​Herat city, allegedly resulting in the death of 14 Taliban forces. Local residents also confirmed that the conflict lasted more than an hour in ​​Herat city. So far, no group has claimed responsibility for this attack. In addition, no group has claimed the alleged attack, and investigators could not independently verify these reports.


This attack marks the second instance of ISKP targeting a Taliban-operated bus in Herat. On July 4,  2022, ISKP [WARNING: GRAPHIC] targeted two buses allegedly carrying Taliban al-Farooq Corps soldiers, one geolocated east of Mostofia square, only 1.5 Kilometers west along the same road as the latest attack. A second bus was targeted in the south of the city on the same day. Besides the correlation in location, method, and target of the attacks on July 4 and October 27, both were documented and then released by ISKP.


The renewed attack, and the documentation of the attack by ISKP, indicate that the recent Taliban  [WARNING: GRAPHIC] raid against an ISKP cell in Herat city has not diminished their operational capabilities in the city.

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